Kingdom Kindergarten

Registration is open for the academic year 2024-2025


The kindergarten has an admission policy that conducts admission tests for new students, including Arabic, English and Mathematics upon joining the kindergarten. The Admission Tests are conducted to identify any previous knowledge for the students. The results of these exams will be useful in preparing supportive plans and educational programs that take into account the learning needs of each student.

The kindergarten adopts 3 semesters, and the policy for student evaluation in each semester is as follows:

First                        Exams                                    Acceptance Exam
                                                                              1st Semester Exam
                                                                              2nd Semester Exam
                                                                              3rd Semester Exam

Second                Homeworks                           Classes Homeworks

Third                   Participation In Class           Student activity and interaction during class
                                                                            Note: The student’s absence negatively affects his class participation


Admission Test is applied to identify students’ abilities, intelligence and knowledge and according to it, the results are used to provide the students with the right and suitable explanation method.

The kindergarten applies an effective evaluation policy to assess student learning, based on communication skills, concentration skills, fine motor skills, and knowledge of colours, shapes and numbers. This evaluation aims to provide a clear insight into the child’s prior knowledge.

Teachers use appropriate tools for formative assessment practices that include oral and written questions, class observation, and teacher-to-teacher discussions to ensure that students develop and monitor their performance appropriately.

Formative assessment such as questions, classwork, homework, and projects will be used in all subjects to identify students’ levels, knowledge and skills, in addition to the final assessment that takes place at the end of each semester.

The kindergarten follows up and compares students’ results over successive periods through class observations.

Progress & Build-Up

1- Encourage the students through certificates of honor and excellence.
2- Sending quarterly reports on the student’s academic and behavioral progress in all subjects.

Taking Into Account Individual Differences

The kindergarten’s effective policy to deal with various mindsets of students is reflected in the design and implementation of a program that supports learning with effective application and follow-up procedures to support students with low achievement. This program includes an individual educational plan that is reviewed periodically to monitor the progress of each student.

The kindergarten offers special appropriate interventions that support talented students through extra-curricular activities and competitions. The kindergarten will provide multiple prizes for outstanding students and those with different achievements to motivate them towards maintaining their excellence with certificates and gifts. Our plan for the students includes the application of procedures and follow-up to encourage them to achieve academic success and to support their talents.