Kingdom Kindergarten

Registration is open for the academic year 2024-2025

Our Services

Kingdom Kindergarten provides everythings the students need to improve their skills through creativity and innovation in educational and recreational classes by sophisticated teaching methods (enriching and curative).

Teaching the Jolly Phonics curriculum

The subjects

- Arabic language (ministry curriculum)
- Religion
- Qatar history
- Science
- Mathematics
- English language

Additional subjects

- Arabic language (ministry curriculum)
- Sports
- Art
- Handcrafts

Entertainment days for students

group of professional teaching staff and specialists

advanced courses to develop their skills

- Teaching staff of different nationalities.
- Psychologist.
- Support specialist.
- Coordinator of activities (discovers and develops students skills through special programs).

Classes and corridors

- Wide areas.
- Well-ventilated.
- Childish design.

Exterior playing arenas.



Dining room (to teach students etiquette).

Learning resource room

Nurse's room (committed to health and safety standards).

Strategic location in the embassy area in front of Katara Cultural Village

Pride in their Islamic and Arab identity

Developing volunteerism, entrepreneurship and social participation skills

Instill the concepts of environmental conservation

Parents participate in the Board of Trustees of Kindergarten

Sending a weekly message in addition to periodic reports to know the student's academic/behavioral level